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Tuesday 29 July 2014 - Sandy Beach Reserve, Summerland Point. Far south-west end of Kullaroo Road, not the Summerland Point Reserve on Frying Pan Bay. Central Coast UBD map ref 12 J4. Google Maps reference -33.139282, 151.556692

Extra Monthly Paddle – A group of us intend going for an extra paddle on Thursday 14 August to Bobbin Head with the intention of exploring Cowan Creek northward. Bobbin Head is approximately 71 kms from Wyong with a travel time of 1 hour via Pacific Highway and Ku-Ring-Gai Chase Road depending, of course, on traffic. If you follow Ku-Ring-Gai Chase Road and turn right before the bridge at Bobbin Head about 150 metres into the car park is a small kayak launching ramp. There is plenty of parking for cars and plenty of scope for a welcome morning tea or lunch after the paddle. High tide on that day is approximately 11am, so at the beginning of the paddle we will be going against the flow – with the hope it will turn, as we do, to give us an easy paddle back. Bobbin Head is in the Kur-Ring-Gai National Park and a fee is payable to access the park however for those of you old enough to qualify you are able to apply for a free National Park Pass that allows entry to many NSW National Parks info is available at: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/passes-and-fees/npws-exemption-cards.
We are planning to be on the water at 9.30am everyone is welcome to join us. So far our Thursday paddles have been a lot of fun. For any further information please see Gloria or Knut.

Winter Camp 3 - 7 August 2014
The Hooges and the Squires are going on a Winter Camp - the four of us recently travelled to Myall Shores Holiday Park on a recce trip to take a look at the facilities and location. Myall Shores Holiday Park is at Bombah Point where the ferry crosses from Mungo Brush Road. It can be accessed from Mungo Brush Road via Tea Gardens a distance of 158kms from Wyong. The ferry trip will cost $6 for a car and $6 for a caravan or you can travel via Bulahdelah for a distance of 165 kms from Wyong. The road (15kms) from Bulahdelah is partly sealed and partly unsealed but not too uncomfortable to travel on.
Myall Shores is a beautiful park with clean grounds and amenities. The powered sites are large and mostly level and there is an abundance of wildlife including kangaroos. The park straddles the point and gives access to both Bombah Broadwater and Two Mile Lake so if one side is untenable for kayaks due to wind the other side should be calmer and paddleable. Kayaks can be put into the water a very short distance from your caravan site, no travelling or lifting on to cars involved. There is a large covered bbq area with lights, two hotplate barbies and two covered barbies for that delicious roast leg of lamb, four large tables perfect spot for happy hour or bbq dinner and maybe a game of cards or Trival Pursuit. Unfortunately no open fires are allowed for evening warm-ups.
Our thinking is that for a winter camp we really want hot showers and flush toilets and electricity for those electric blankets. There are cabins available for those less inclined for the outdoor life. The rates for a powered site close to the water are $33/night and $30 not waterfront and at the moment there is a 4 for 3 special on (Sunday to Thursday only) (also Top Tourist Members receive a discount). We have booked to be there for at least four nights from the 3rd August and anyone who would like to join us is most welcome. Info is Myall Shore Holiday Park Lakes Road Bombah Point 2423; Phone no 1300 769 566; 49974600; 49974600; website www.myallshores.com.au. If you decide to book (and it probably isn't necessary at this time of the year) and if you wish to be near us please ask them to allocate you a spot near Powered Sites 16/17. We have attached some photographs to whet your appetite! Any questions please contact Gloria or Knut. See photos here.

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Welcome to our Website.
We are an informal group of friends who like the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle. This page provides a Notice Board where we can display our kayaking program, and any other information we might want to share, and some photographs of our activities.
We meet on Tuesdays. Launch time is 0900, so if you want to join us arrive by 0845 please. We have morning tea/lunch afterwards. Bring something nice to eat if you can, and a couple of dollars to cover the tea, coffee, milk etc.
We paddle in all lakes, lagoons, creeks and rivers from Berowra to Clarence Town, and everywhere in between.
We generally paddle for 2 - 3 hours and travel between 6 and 12 km, at a gentle pace.
Disclaimer - As we are not a club, just a group of individuals who go kayaking together now and then, we have no responsibilities as an organisation, and no organisational status. Anyone who decides to join us on our outings does so on the understanding that they are responsible for their own welfare and safety. People will provide all assistance and advice to visitors, but take no responsibility. Joining our group is on that understanding, and you will be asked to sign confirmation of that fact. We have no insurance - you should provide your own.
Both the above businesses support our club and will give special discounts to our members.
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See new Maritime NSW rules on lifejackets — Click here.
To summarise: Wear a lifejacket at all times except in enclosed waters (rivers/lakes) within 100 metres of the shore.
Please feel free to send contributions, trip reports, photos or comments by e-mail by clicking here. Weekly reports appear below.

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Kayaking reports:
Tuesday 22 July 2014 - Mannering Park/Wyee Creek
Forgot to count everyone today but I think about 30 paddlers, plus a couple of non-paddling support staff, like Jan Stone and Wendall. It was quite cold to start but sunny and scattered cloud. It sooned warmed up in the tepid waters of Wyee Bay, so we saw a few jackets being wrenched off by the pipes.
Not much to say about this paddle except it is always lovely, especially the Enchanted Lake, with all its dead trees. Very quiet and peaceful, but the guys who went right up to the top did see some azure kingfishers, always a delight! We all worked up a good thirst and appetite by the time we got back. Luckily everyone brought heaps of delicious food, and Sue supplied the tea, coffee and Milo, as usual, thanks Sue, not to mention the sandwiches which she makes every Tuesday morning.
We had some new people today, viz Geoff and Ian, from down Budgewoi and Wamberal respectively, who found our website, and many old friends, nice to see you all again, thanks for coming! Harry's photos are here.
Tuesday 15 July 2014 - Sunshine, Lake Macquarie
This venue is tricky to find, not helped by my forgetting to put the name of the street here last week. However 21 kayakers finished up arriving, on a beautiful morning, bits of sun and blue sky but mostly cloud, 16°C, no wind at all so glassy lake surface all morning - fabulous!
We were here only on 3 June, paddling south, so today we headed north today to Silverwater and Balcolyn, as far as Shinglesplitters Point, where I turned around while the rest of them hugged the coast to Bonnells Bay, another 500 metres. They found many interesting things in the water, including a shark, while I saw nothing. But I did go wide into the lake and finished up paddling across to Point Wollstonecroft Recreation Area, getting back to the boat ramp with the others. The water was so smooth and quiet it was like being on a little pond, not a huge lake. Linda and Chris Fairman came a bit later, and, not being able to find us, paddled over to Pulbar Island for a circumnavigation.
Morning tea then ensued, a happy gathering munching away on the lovely food, including Knut's specialty, and Sue's yummy sandwiches. A very pleasant day out kayaking with our wonderful club. Harry's and Bob's photos are here.
Thursday 10 July 2014 - Mangrove Creek paddle
Monthly Paddle – Five hardy souls turned up on a sparkling winter's morning for a paddle from Spencer. Although the night had been blustery and the wind, on occasions, had howled when morning came it had died down and the result was a clean windswept day with blue skies and bright sunlight we could not say it was warm but the temperature was warmer than the two mornings before and we had no trouble imagining a delightful winter day paddle. Spencer is a very small town which boasts a shop, a caravan park, public wharf and boat ramp. On driving past the caravan park we noticed the lighted sign which advertised boat launching so we went in to enquire and sure enough for the sum of $10 we were able to use the facilities offered there, the proprietor assured us our cars would be watched over, and if needed, we only had to call him and a rescue boat would be sent to our assistance (the latter we were not too keen to take advantage of).
Besides a very wide boat ramp the caravan park offered what appeared to be a small sandy beach enough for all five kayaks to be beached at the same time so it was off with the kayaks and on with our winter paddling gear. As we had missed the tide (high) we were advised to go up Mangrove Creek as conditions would be easier there. The creek was very wide and lined either side with mangroves (hence the name) the water was somewhat muddy and at times quite shallow but we managed to avoid the ignominy of having to walk. Against the tide and occasional wind gusts it was a slow paddle upstream but we were not in a hurry and the day was too pleasant to rush. We consoled ourselves that the return trip with tide and wind with us would be like a run downhill.
We paddled on until we reached Popran Creek just under 5kms from the start at this point the wind started to make itself seriously felt and paddling against it and the tide required hard work besides which we had set ourselves a goal of 5kms so we turned around to start back for homebase. For the first kilometre we had no need to paddle the wind at our backs and on our paddles sped us along at a fantastic pace. After this of course it died off and returned only to blow in our faces and make it a much more strenuous paddle than we had anticipated. Nevertheless we all thoroughly enjoyed our day on the water and pronounced the day a great success.
On returning to our nice little beach we discovered it was only a couple of metres of sand and with the tide now well down the 'beach' had become mud into which we sank to mid calf – however we all got out safely and then spent some time washing the mud from kayaks and boots this being the only negative part about the day and what is a little mud between friends or on kayaks!
After the washing and tying of kayaks back on to cars we retired to Lorraine's farm for soup, sandwiches and coffee and a rehash of the day's events. A great day enjoyed by Knut, Bob, Lorraine, Barry and Gloria. (Photos are here.)

Hi Gloria and Danny,
Our recent trip to Spencer for an additional kayak/paddle, once a month, also resulted in a little video.
The report, which Gloria wrote, gives a good indication of the fun and enjoyment we five had on the day.
Hope that for the next outing in August, some more kayakers decide to join us. Anyway, here is the link for the video from Spencer and Mangrove Creek.
Many thanks,
Tuesday 8 July 2014 - Croudace Bay, Lake Macquarie
A brilliant morning at home, barely a breeze and cool, to arrive to a very cold strong wind and white caps across the bay. Hmm, time for a rethink and change of venue. So off we all headed to Thomas H Halton Park at Eleebana, only a couple of kms around the bend but a completely different scenario. Still cold but the wind was less and the water was much calmer. Twenty-four paddlers headed up Shepherds Creek through all the boats moored there to Hartley Point. At that stage most returned for coffee and 6 continued across the bay to Boughton Point paddling along the shoreline to Awaba Bay returning across the lake to Rocky Point and on to the boat ramp.
Morning tea had all the usual trimmings and delights, especially the hot Pumpkin Soup provided by Fred and Colin, which was very much appreciated after battling the cold wind. We had 4 non paddlers and 2 enquiries from interested locals today. Those paddlers that went the extra distance paddled 8.7km, a bit of a loss for the coffee junkies that headed back early. Pretty good day considering at 8.30am it looked like a non event.
At morning tea Sue presented Gloria with a canvas print photo for her 70th birthday, which was yesterday. Happy Birthday Gloria.
Both our resident photographers, Harry and Bob, were present today, so we should have some good photos from the day. Next week we are heading to Sunshine – not Sunshine Park – Sunshine Newcastle map 184 L7.
Photos are here.
Tuesday 1 July 2014 - Ourimbah Creek, Sunshine Park, Chittaway Bay
Just the 27 paddlers and supporters today, including 3 boys on holidays. It was cool of course, but the sunbshine and otherwise perfect conditions prevailed.
We all paddled upstream to the weir, with nearly everyone going over the top. This took quite a bit of work to get everyone safely over the weir or rocks. Recent floods have brought down more dead trees and nearly blocked one of our routes upstream near the weir. We all learned the skills to drag oneself out of the kayak and onto the wall, and get back in without getting wet. Mark Os had his great nephew in the front seat, Cody, 8, and he put in the effort to paddle upstream. He never had to get out, even though Mark was out all the time, even falling in the river at one stage. But on the way back Cody flaked out and only his head was above the gunwale. My mistake - looking at the photos I see he did disembark at the weir on the way back.
After the weir there were a couple of good obstructions which most of us surmounted. Nigel finally made it over the weir, when I wasn't watching him, but called it quits at the first logjam. Quite a lot of us made it all the way, and felt it was worth the effort. Then we had to do them all over again on the way down, but it always seems easier going back down, as the water was actually flowing above the weir. Plus there was a slight tailwind downstream too, plus it's downhill.
We missed Doug and Sue, as they were coming back from Queensland, but Jill and Trevor did a good job with the morning tea. We didn't miss anyone else as we can't remember who they are. A top day paddling in the sunshine and fresh air, thanks to everyone who came.
Harry and Bob's photos are here.
Tuesday 1 July 2014 - Letter from Chris Fairman
Hi to all the PPPPs! Having a great time over the other side. Some fantastic water to paddle on. The water below is still a bit hard. And above is the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, and has 48 ft tides. Not sure I would like to paddle there as the water moves at a very high speed in and out.
Hope Sue gets well soon. See you all again in a couple of weeks. See photos here.
Diane Rhedey's Ride to Conquer Cancer
Diane is a member of the bike club and is riding in this charity ride in October to help conquer cancer. She is a 68 y-o cancer survivor and a great lady. The ride involves a 200km ride over 2 days on 11 & 12 October. If you want to find out more about the ride or even donate some money towards her goal, then click here.
Tuesday 24 June 2014 - Wallarah Creek, San Remo
Winter started today, with temperatures from 11°C to 16°, and westerly winds blowing dogs off chains. Twenty-two paddlers made the effort, plus Jill who came but didn't go in the water. We also saw Garry on the creek, but he launched at the wrong place, and went back there afterwards, not coming to m/t. Some notable attendees were Jim and Judy, with their dog Maisie, who travelled in a little hut on the back of Judy's kayak. Both Harry and Bob were there so we should have some good photos today. Lori came and brought Ken with her, welcome to all the newbies!
Despite the cool conditions and the wind, the sky was sunny and the creek valley is well-protected from the wind, so we paddled up to the confluence with Spring Creek, though I think everyone went left with Wallarah Creek. Not far up there is a little tributary which most of us paddled up, to the end, a few hundred meters, then up the next fork which goes further, before coming back and continuing up Wallarah, many kayakers making it to the obstacles. Doug had gone straight up there and muscled his way over the logs to have a look around, but as no-one else was there he came back, for safety. Quite a few of us hadn't been up here before, so it was a novelty for them.
We saw a few azure kingfishers, one of the country's most beautiful birds, but they're too quick to photograph. No other birds were seen, except for a few ducks at the bridge. We did see an unusual plant of the most amazing colour in the water, but it turned out to be plastic, in a pot in the water. Should be a photo there.
Last week Wally and Mark Steele paddled from Belmont, but on the way back they were hit by a big wind change, which made it very interesting for them. No remote launchers today apart from Gaz, and that was a mistake.
Jill and Col set up the morning tea for us, thanks guys, so we had the stuff all ready for our return. Sue was too ill to come kayaking today, but got up early and made boxes of sangers for our lunch for Doug to bring before retiring again. Thanks so much Sue, greatly appreciated! Apart from some banana bread, there were no sweeties today, just delicious savoury things, like Knut's falafels and minted yoghurt, and dips and cheese and sandwiches of course. So all you geezers who thought it was too yucky to get out of bed - you missed a top day! Harry and Bob's photos are here.
PS Mark has done a top job renovating my Prijon. The after-sales service is fantastic! Check out the Seabreeze graph for today
Tuesday 17 June 2014 - Cockle Creek, Speers Point
Another beautiful morning today, a bit better than last week, with cool temperatures and a gentle breeze. Twenty-seven souls on board, one not paddling.
I wanted to go along the lake shore to Warners Bay, but I wasn't allowed, so we all went up the creek. After we got to the junction of the Brush Creek and Cockle Ck most of us went via the latter, while Doug and someone else went up Brushy, to the right. I turned around here and paddled back with Col, as we had paddled far enough. I took the right fork at the island and paddled around under the bridges and out onto Lake Macquarie, a total of about 8km. Those who paddled up Cockle Creek turned around before the end, going about 10km, according to Bob.
Eventually everyone came back safely (I had their names recorded in case), and Sue put on a superb morning tea, with the help of our generous members. We are very lucky to have someone like Sue, and Dougie too. And me. Mark St Eele and Wally launched at Belmont and paddled an extra 12km to the start. And back again afterwards, kayaking about 35km for the day. They met strong breezes and choppy conditions at the early start, Mark copping a wave right in the chest - lucky he had his apron on! Mark Osb was also there, making himself useful helping out. He took my Prijon home to do some maintenance on it, thanks Mark! Bob's photos are here.
Tuesday 10 June 2014 - Gosford
A few early showers deterred many people from coming, but for those of us who came anyway, it was worth the effort.
Yes, a bit wet before 8.45am, but the weather then cleared to a still, cloudy/sunny morning, so we all piled in our kayaks and took off across the Broad Water. The main contingent was way ahead of me,but Dennis kept me company in the chase group, thanks Dennis. I stopped at Tascott to get my apron sorted, and Mark and Chris Mason caught up. Mark then continued on after the others, on the way to Woy Woy, while Chris and I went back, paddling over to Point Fred first. The Woy Woy group were hassled by dolphins near the islands!
Mark deserves a whole report of his own, so amazing was his feat. He got up at 1.30 this morning, left home by two, drove to Parsley Bay, Brooklyn, and launched his kayak there at 4.00am. He stopped at Lion Island for half an hour around six, as he couldn't see anything. Then he continued to Gosford, arriving at about 8.45am. I offered him a lift back to Parsley Bay in the Pajero, but he insisted on paddling back the next 26-30km himself. Up to 60km! I was happy with about 10, so was Chris.
Everybody got back OK, loaded up their shit and we had a lovely m/t, with sandwiches by Sue, thanks Sue, and coffee and everything. Very pleasant, and only the smallest rain showers during the paddle, clearing up for the packing up. Although Harry was there, he didn't have his camera, so there are no photos.
Monday 9 June 2014 - New videos from Knut
Knut has made some new videos of the Summerland Point outing and Parsley Bay last week. Click here. Also, new kayak rack for small sedan on sale at Club Notices.
Thursday 5 June 2014 - Parsley Bay
Eight intrepid adventurers met under a cloudy sky at Parsley Bay Boat ramp - some had driven through overcast conditions to get there while others had endured pouring rain and hair-raising semi drivers on the M1.
After a brief board meeting it was decided that we should paddle but maybe the picnic on the beach was a little too much to ask for under the current weather conditions. There was little wind, and the brief glimpses of blue sky gave us confidence in the decision to get the boats wet. We set off in the direction of Mullet Creek with the intention of exploring it to some extent, but after about half a kilometre the danger from unmarked submerged oyster beds and a sky that now had no blue but had become an ominous grey, with long strands extending into the hills, caused an impromptu committee meeting, and a decision to explore the opportunity of a open coffee shop on Dangar Island.
Within minutes of turning back toward Dangar, the rain began, and we completed the distance in a heavy shower. Fortunately the coffee shop was open and Claire had money (the only one who did) so we retired there for a hot coffee to fortify us for our journey back. The coffee shop was very welcoming with no discrimination for our dishevelled appearance and dripping clothes. The only down side to our stop was that when we got back into our kayaks, we had to sit in puddles of rainwater - not a pleasant sensation at all!
The rain had stopped by the time we restarted our paddle and, encouraged by the wisps of lighter sky, we decided to go the long way back around the island, however it was only a brief hiatus and, within minutes of setting off, the rain started again in a steady downpour that showed no signs of stopping; the bright strip of sky completely gone. Barry, who had forgotten to take either a hat or a rain jacket, led the push and rushed to finish the paddle, arms working like pistons to get out of the rain. Our bedraggled group arrived at the shore dripping wet but with enthusiasm and spirits undampened. There was no washing of kayaks on this occasion but a rush to load up and tie down and then we repaired to a shelter for hot mushroom soup (provided by Claire) rolls, coffee (fish and chips for one lucky member) and much laughter and talk of our next special event. Combatants were Colin, Fred, Claire, Kee, Dennis, Knut, Barry, Gloria. Distance travelled was just shy of 10 kilometres (we added one for the rain). Photos are here. Knut's video is here.
Chris's trip to Alaska
Hi Danny
Thought you might like a couple of pictures from our Alaska/Canada trip.
At a waterfall at the foot of Mendenhal Glacier, Alaska . We paddled 5 miles in a 30 ft 10 man canoe powered by only 3 men and 3 women none of whom had paddled before apart from the guide, so it was a fair workout, especially as you get closer to the glacier and you get a strong headwind off the glacier that puts up 1 ft waves. The water is only 1°C and the air is 2°C, with a wind chill that makes it feel like minus 10 (I think).
I went for a kayak paddle at Ketchikan (much better than a 10 man canoe). Got in off a wharf - never even got wet! Paddled 50m and right in front of us a humpback whale surfaced, much to everybody's delight. We were all so taken aback that nobody got a photo. Went on to see bald eagle catch a salmon and take it back to the nest. Also saw seals and otters. All very exciting.
Below is an iceberg we passed on the way. Glacier face 250 feet high. Photos are here.
Bye for now and happy paddling.
Tuesday 3 June 2014 - Sunshine, Lake Macquarie
A new venue today, so we had a few kayakers get a bit lost on the way in, but it was worth any effort to join in this fantastic day of paddling in beautiful Lake Macquarie. Conditions were superb, given that it's winter - sunny, light breeze, 21°C, water sparkling clear...
Thirty-two kayakers made their way to Sunshine Park (not to be confused with that other one at Chittaway - no comparison!), most by car but a couple (Wally and Mark St Eel) paddled from Cams Wharf, past Pulbar Island. Mark has a beautiful new Prijon Marlin - see the photos! Claire could have paddled across from nearby Summerland Point, but she would have done an extra 20km in the process.
To top off the perfect conditions, many kayakers saw some dolphins near the yachts at Sunshine - breathtaking! We paddled down past Casuarina Point, hugged the shore around Hampsons Bay, and around Fishery Point, where that well-known road goes to. Into Mirrabooka and circumnavigate Sugar Bar, with millions of dollars worth of boats moored there, south around another not named peninsular and into Bardens Bay.
Bardens Bay is quite big, but we paddled around it as well, to the interesting Lake Petite and adjoining creek. I paddled straight across Bardens Bay to my friends Keith and Barb's house, but they weren't there anyway.
Heading back was easier, except for the headwind, as we paddled straight across the mouths of the bays instead of exploring every last inch of them. We were most of us back about 2 hours after we started, with about 11 or 12 kilometres under our hulls.
Morning tea was particularly delicious with a wide range of savoury and indulgent food, thanks to everyone who brought something! Such a delightful day on the water, we are so lucky to have this place and this sport!
Harry and Bob's pictures are here.
Message from Linda
Weather fantastic. Water warm for swimming. Camper going good. Just spent 3 days in Karijini NP camping. Lots of spectacular scenery - gorges, canyons, swimming holes and waterfalls. We walked, waded, and swam through 4 canyons/gorges. Took lots of photos. Before that we had 3 days kayaking/camping/snorkelling at Ningaloo Reef, Cape Range NP. We slept on the beaches in tents, kayaked out to the reef, dropped anchor and snorkelled with thousands of fish, turtles and small reef sharks. We also did a day trip on a boat to snorkel with the whale sharks. That was awesome, the biggest one we saw was 10 metres long and we were swimming along beside it. Heading for Broome tomorrow.
Tuesday 27 May 2014 - The Entrance
This could be the last of the warm days, so we didn't waste it. Thirty-five people assembled at North The Entrance, including Col who stayed in the carpark looking after our stuff.
Several destinations were decided on, mostly Tumbi Tumbi Creek, to paddle under the new bike path bridge. Other guys just went onto the lagoon under the entrance bridge and out to sea (Glenn). It was a long haul out to Tumbi, so I gave up after 45 minutes and headed back, but it still took me an hour to get back, via the lagoon. Others were more dedicated and went the whole way, as you will see from Harry's photos, including Jill who was the last to get back, about an hour after me. The north-easterly sprang up to give the late returners something to remember.
There was some jerk on a jet-ski who finished up rushing Fred in her kayak, then scrambling for a quick departure when they realised it was a bad idea, but not before Fred and Col got their vehicle number, so we'll see what happens with that. Arseholes!
Doug's brother and sister-in-law, and their mate, joined us for m/t, and Lori brought Ken to paddle with us. Very sociable! A nice safe day on the water.
Harry and Bob's photos are here.
Harry got some more shots of darters feeding. Fantastic! Just slide your cursor over these thumbnails to see bigger picture

Three at once

Baby feeding baby?
Tuesday 20 May 2014 - Wyong River
Good to see Trevor at the river today - arm all cast up and in a sling, with a bad cut. About 25 other kayakers were also there. Some of our clan are up at Forster on other kayaking business.
A beautiful day for the end of May, 23°C, no breeze in the river valley, cloudy... Nothing too exciting today, just paddle down to the lake and back. Round trip - 12km. Some keener paddlers set off for The Entrance and they all came back except Mark Steele who was still missing when I left, but I'm sure he's fine!
Funny thing about paddling, or any sport, it's tough to get going but eventually the endorphins kick in (that's the word, Amber!) and it all feels easier and you can keep going for ages. Well, 12km seems ages. New lady Diane was with us again, while her fiancé Chris went down to C-Kayaks and picked up his new kayak. Hasn't got it wet yet, but. A very pleasant kayaking day with no pressure to compete, just do your own thing.
Bob and Harry's photos are here.
Monday 19 May 2014 - Jenny & Graeme
Hi Danny, It's been a while since we last wrote - we have had a busy time kayaking, cycling swimming and now bush walking.
The kayaking group we joined have been great as we have been able to explore the area with people with local knowledge. At a weekend camp out of Noosa we got the vibe that they would prefer if we knew how to get out of our double in the event that it rolled over - rolled over our sturdy/stable kayak? - no way - yes way - big time and fairly easy. We mastered the "wet exit" technique while upside down in the water and learned how to get back into the kayak which was full of water. The main reason for knowing how to do this "wet exit" is because mostly the group paddles in Morton Bay which can be get very rough with 1 to 2 metre waves and 25 knot wind very quickly. It is very handy to know how to do this with skirts on, as how quickly things on the water can change.
We have paddled to North Stradbroke Island from the mainland, the Noosa River for a three day camp, and around several islands in the bay. We haven't even been to places such as the Gold Coast paddling yet as there is so much around the Brisbane area to do. We have yet to finish sections of the Brisbane River, which we will do over the next few weeks with the kayak group.
We cycled the Gateway Bridge a couple of weeks ago - this was a bit of an anti-climax as we thought that this would be a massive uphill push, but it wasn't - it was relatively easy. The cycle paths are great, even the on-road sections which are fairly wide. The new legislation of the 1 metre under 60kph and 1.5 metre over 60kph works a treat up here with all, bar one motorist, giving heaps of room.
We got around 5 weeks to go up here and still have heaps to do and see and will be out and about as much as possible.
Cheers for now.
Graeme & Jennifer.
Tuesday 13 May 2014 - Summerland Point
Another perfect day, 22°C, no breeze... I did call in at Sandy beach on the way to see if anyone went to the wrong venue - Harry was there, staring into his phone, so my trip wasn't wasted.
About 35 kayakers were present, but I didn't mark the roll as we were spread over two carparks and it would have taken too long. We got going a couple of minutes before nine, by accident, so a couple of latecomers were left high and dry - Garry and Keith included.
A couple of us went across to Brightwater for their paddle, while the rest of us wove our way through all the nice boats heading north to Point Wollstonecroft and Pulbar Island. Some of us paddled up Bonny Boy Gully, which is a nice creek, but it gets narrow and we had to reverse out till we could turn around. It's a fair hike, especially when you haven't paddled at all for 6 weeks. I went ashore at the beach at the point, noting that it's not much of a beach, just shells like an ancient aboriginal midden, but at least somewhere to stand if you need to stretch your legs. Getting back in though I had a slight mishap and sat in the water, with my kayak upside down beside me. With Bill Atko's help we got the water out of the craft and he held it while I got back in again. What a nice young man!
Some keen paddlers went around Pulbar Island, and a couple went across the south face to meet the others, thereby adding a few ks to their total for the day. About 11.5km for the Pointers, and up to 14 odd for the islanders. Two guys called Mark went round the island and saw dolphins on the other side! A great day on the water! You really appreciate it when you are forced to miss a few days.
Harry and Bob's photos are here.
Tuesday 6 May 2014 - Myuna Bay
On a crisp clear morning we arrived at Myuna Bay to be greeted by crystal clear water looking like glass – not a breath of breeze. Soon after we arrived Claire, Fred and Mark arrived, having set off from Summerland Point and paddling across to meet the group (9.5km). 25 kayaks (30 paddlers) travelled along the shoreline to Wangi Wangi in perfect conditions. It wasn't very long before jackets were being taken off as it really was quite warm on the water. After a regroup at this point about 50% decided to return to Myuna Bay as we had paddled for an hour at this stage. The rest of the group went on to Wangi Wangi Point where the consensus was to return to Myuna Bay, except for Doug and Wally, who decided to circumnavigate Pulbar Island. Fred and Mark had paddled around the island in the opposite direction without going to Wangi Wangi Point. When Doug and Wally returned morning tea was well underway with all the usual delights and some very long social chats. No one seemed to be in a rush to leave today as the temperature had really warmed up by then and it was just so pleasant in the sun. Total for the "long paddle" today was 15.35. Mark, Fred and Claire would have done much more kms by the time the got back to Summerland Point, and everyone else did around 9 – 12km depending on far far around the point they went. Another great day with great friends on beautiful Lake Macquarie.
Sue & Doug
Photos are here.
Tuesday 29 April 2014 - Tuggerah Lake, Gorokan
Gorokan Co-op was the venue today. A fine clear day with an almost mirror finish on the lake. 36 kayaks headed toward Wyong River. Wally paddled up from The Entrance to join the group, Nigel joined us for his first paddle with the group, paddling from the Toukley Sea Rescue. Welcome Nigel (you've come to the dark side). Mark loaned his kayak to Amber to try, while he and Wendall shopped for prawns. Calm warm conditions on the lake for our 11.5km paddle. Perfect day for it.
On returning to the Co op, Sue and her band of helpers – Gail, Chris J and Keith had the BBQ underway. We had 8 non-paddlers attending today including Danny after his op and Keith Hornery with his new knees (6 weeks today, well done!). I think we had 48 people in total. It's amazing how they come out of the woodwork when you mention a BBQ, but on a perfect Autumn day like today, who could blame them. A great social gathering.
Next week's paddle is Myuna Bay. Today's photos from Harry and Bob are here.
Tuesday 22 April 2014 - Hawkesbury River, Brooklyn
Paddling Report – 22nd April 2014 - The Hawkesbury River from Parsley Bay.
A beautiful calm, cool and sunny morning greeted the 35 paddlers who paddled The Hawkesbury today. Many of us thought it was one of the best paddles we (Toukley Kayakers) have done. There were quite a few doubles today (about 28 kayaks in total) and some of the more energetic paddlers started at Patonga and met us at Parsley Bay.
We headed for Brooklyn first and a leisurely paddle past the local pool and marina. We followed the causeway at Brooklyn for a while and then headed off to Dangar Island. At this point Kee peeled off and joined his "other" group at Hawkesbury Railway Bridge. Apparently, this group cannot believe the numbers Toukley attracts. I pointed out that this was because we have more fun! We circumnavigated Dangar Island, passing some beautiful and some just plain interesting homes along the water's edge. Gloria and I were tempted to stop for coffee at a cute café on the island but decided that should wait for another day.
After completing the circumnavigation we headed across the water to Alison Point, Wondabyne. Here we experienced the quintessential Hawkesbury River landscape; beautiful sandstone rock formations, enormous sheer cliff faces, twisted red–trunked Angophoras and Grass Trees in flower. We detoured into Tank Cove where there is a bit of a waterfall. We also saw a pair of stunning Sea Eagles near here (I hope Harry's photos turn out!). Continuing along this shoreline we paddled past Little Wobbly Beach and some more fascinating housing to Croppy Point, then headed back to Parsley Bay. A total of 11.5km paddled today.
As usual a scrumptious morning tea awaited – including Easter Eggs! Thanks again to Sue and Doug for providing tea and coffee. It was also lovely for me to catch up with everyone today. Happy Paddling! Photos for today are here.
Lorri H
A team of us (Mark, Amber, Fred, Colin, Mark Steele) paddled from Patonga to Parsley Bay to join the others. To see a map of their route, slide your cursor over the thumbnail below.
Tuesday 15 April 2014 - Swansea
With grey skies, but not raining, we headed off to Swansea, where the heavens opened as we all got out of our cars. Nice! A quick decision was made to head around to the eastern side launch area (Coon Island) where there is an under cover BBQ. This decision was made whilst huddled under the awning of the toilets, (not a venue of choice, but any port in a storm) the only shelter on this side of the bay.
Around at the barbecue area, the tea, coffee and morning tea delights all appeared and a 'pow wow with refreshments' was soon underway as to "if, when and what is the plan of action". By 9.30, nine (9) of the 22 present decided it was now or never, as the rain had momentarily ceased. They paddled from Coon Island to Pelican inlet and the boat channel, returning via Swan Bay, around a couple of islands, returning to Coon Island all with the outgoing tide.
Even on a grey day like today, the water was clear and varying in shades of blue, from a deep blue to almost turquoise in shallower sections over the white sand. A beautiful expanse of water. A total of 7.5km was paddled on what was very nearly a "no paddle day". When the paddlers returned, only four (4) people had stayed to welcome them back to 'not so dry land', the rest opting to return home out of the rain and the surprising cool.
The second sitting of morning tea commenced at 11am, with a couple of late arrivals providing some extra goodies for our hardy souls that braved the weather. And, yes, it did rain while they were out on the water, but no one seemed to be too perturbed about the fact they had been rained on.
Today, despite the weather, we had 24 people turn up, nine (9) paddled. Clearly, it takes a bit more than rain to stop you having fun, even if it is just to have morning tea and a chat. Well done guys!
Next weeks paddle is at Parsley Bay, on the Hawkesbury River, Sydney map 56; K 11. Go to Brooklyn, turn right at the pub.
Doug & Sue
PS - Mark, our 'Water Warrior', paddled from Speers Point, at 6.00am, to meet the group at Swansea. Needless to say he was there waiting for us when we arrived. Wendall was one of our late arrivals to morning tea, but his main aim was to take Mark home after the paddle. Nice to have a support crew, thanks Wendall.
Harry's photos are here.
Tuesday 8 April 2014 - Lake Munmorah, Budgewoi
On a beautiful sunny day 33 kayakers showed up at McKenzie Park Reserve, Budgewoi, to indulge in their preferred water sport.
Launching into Lake Munmorah, they showed their independence by heading in different directions, not to see each other till they got back. Half a dozen paddlers turned right and took the anti-clockwise route around the lake to Elizabeth Bay (the planned route), then to a further point before paddling back across the lake towards Budgewoi.
The other group of 24 kayakers turned left and paddled up to Colongra Bay wetlands and through the canals there. Everybody had lots of fun and all returned safely back to Budgewoi where they were met by the other group and a few ring-ins who didn't paddle (me included). Another enjoyable day out on the water with mates!
New style photo display is here!
Tuesday 1 April 2014 - Sunshine Park, Ourimbah Creek
Thirty-five kayakers appeared at Sunshine Park, Chittaway Bay, this morning, for a paddle up a nice creek, after many outings on Lake Macquarie. Conditions were divine as usual, with no wind, cloudy sunshine and warm air.
We all opted for the trip upstream, with everyone paddling up to the weir about 3.2km west of our starting place. Those who made it over the weir kept going as far as they could, with some making it to a big obstruction of a wooden nature too hard and too late to attack today. Bring a good saw next time. This made a total of about 10km which seemed like enough. Nothing much happened luckily, so we all went back to the park for morning tea and a chat.
Thanks everyone for coming and being part of a very pleasant morning kayaking with friends.
PS Bob's photos are here.
See Knut's video of the recent Pulbah Island trip, click here. All Knut's videos are on his video page here.
Tuesday 25 March 2014 - Toronto
Seventeen kayakers presented themselves today at the Toronto Lions Park just south of the Fennell Bay Bridge. Conditions could not be improved upon - sunny/cloudy, no breeze, glassy water, beautiful venue...
Just as we were about to launch our kayaks, Darryl got a phone call to help someone unload something at his house, so he left his kayak on the ground and took off. The rest of us got going, heading straight across Kooroora Bay to Bolton Point, where we turned right and headed around the point. I told Dazza this earlier, but he forgot, so when he came back to join us, he paddled under Fennell Bay bridge and frolicked around there for a while.
When we had gone to the next point we had a re-group and a discussion about our next stage. Claire suggested we cross a vast expanse of water to some moored yachts. Everybody agreed except me as I had an appointment at the Wyong Hospital at 1.00pm and didn't want to go that far. So they all headed off to this distant spot while I paddled back across the lake towards Carey Bay, about 1km south of the Toronto CBD. After a pleasant paddle across the lake and down to Princes Bay, I returned to base along the coast past Toronto, getting worried about how long I was taking. I couldn't see the others or Darryl until I had nearly reached the Lions Park again, and there they all were ahead of me. How did that happen? And when I look on the map now, I have no idea where these other guys went. None of it makes any sense! It always looks so different on the lake.
Anyway, I had plenty of time and we all had a nice morning tea with coffee and everything, and a good chat, and there were enough seats for us to sit down. Another beautiful paddle on Lake Macquarie, thanks to everyone who came.
Bob's photos are here.
Tuesday 18 March 2014 - Cams Wharf to Pulbah Island
A cool start today waking to about 14°C, but it soon rose to 28° by lunchtime. No cloud, no wind - divine!
Not so good for me as I remembered to bring my paddle only as I reached the pedestrian bridge at Lake Munmorah, so back home I went, turning an early day into a late one. By the time I was ready to go, there was only Rolf to paddle with, him also being late. We paddled northwards for a while then across the pristine water to Pulbah Island. Paul got a bit behind, so Rolf went back and steered him to the other side of the island so he could meet us coming the other way. Rolf then went off to Sunshine or somewhere, while Lyn paddled up to Swansea after circimnavigating the island.
Mark tried to give us a demo of an eskimo roll, but it was more of a chiko roll! See the photos.
I didn't have time to count everyone this morning but I guess about 25 kayakers made the trip. To summarise, a perfect day for paddling on a perfect lake. About 11km all up. Nice!
Bob's photos are here.
Tuesday 11 March 2014 - Gwandalan, Crangan Bay.
This morning at 8.30 Mark arrived at the Lions Park Gwandalan and had his breakfast after an hour and a half paddle getting there. His breakfast consisted of a cup of coffee as you see from the pics. He had an elaborate set up just for a cup of coffee. No weetbix or iron man food for him!
Twenty four of us set out in 17 kayaks (at my imperfect count) and oh! also Allan's K1 which we left there for rides upon our return.
Turning to starboard we paddled down Crangan Bay and then down Mangrove Gully Creek. Finding logs sealing off the end prematurely, we headed back up the east side of the bay and crossed near Wolstoncroft Point and then down by Gwandalan Bowling Club and home to a well earned cuppa. We travelled on average 8.5 km - some more, some less.
Allan had his K1 with him so he dashed off after the paddle to show us how it is done. Mark had a go twice but found it so tippy he fell out. Please refer to Bob and Harry's pics for a graphic blow-by-blow account of Mark's embarrassing disaster!
Jill made up for it with sandwiches and someone brought the hot water. Kerrie made some ham and avocado wraps which were yummy and healthy and Clare brought her famous orange and blueberry cake. It must have been healthy too as it made you feel good all over. Brian provided healthy chocolate and coffee nut slice recommended by Dr Feel Good! Others brought an assortment so we had our usual feast - but we did miss Sue and Doug's touch.
Photos are here.
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Tuesday 4 March 2014 - Lake Macquarie at Croudace Bay
A strong contender for the most beautiful day award - temperature up to 25°C, breeze 2-4 knots SE, sunny with a few clouds, say no more!
Thomas Halton Park is a nice green stretch between the road and the lake, with all facilities, even if you have to walk a few hundred metres to the dunny. Concrete boat ramp with pebble surrounds and plenty of parking. There were 27 of us today, a barely noticeable shortfall with some members away somewhere else.
We set off turning left and soon found ourselves in civilisation, with many nice boats moored, and an interesting creek, Sheppards Creek, leading us away east and south into Croudace Bay the suburb, again with many boats moored, and interesting nautical back yards. On our way out we met Boston Bill and Kerrie who were late arriving, from East Gosford no wonder! They made the mistake of continuing to the end of the creek before turning around to follow us into the lake. Meanwhile we had continued south easterly and were lost among all the fine vessels parked in the bay, where we stopped and watched a salvage team try and raise a sunken speedboat. That kept our interest for about 10 minutes while we sat very still, meaning that Bill and Kez could not see us there and they headed back towards Warners Bay, and we didn't see them till we all got back.
The rest of us continued along the coast towards Belmont till we got sick of it, then turned around and paddled straight back to base, like tired little teddy bears. Morning tea was different this morning, but what happens at morning tea stays in morning tea, although I will say some kayakers have disgusting personal habits, involving crinkle-cut chips. Anyway, we all had a thoroughly good time in perfect conditions, and are looking forward to doing it again at Gwandalan next Tuesday, hopefully with some coffee. Harry's and Bob's photos are here.
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